Saumya has provided EXCELLENT session. With her expertise, she was able to find the cause which I did not know. She processed it extremely well. I am grateful to her! _/\_

Love, Mamta

~ Mamta Singh


“Once upon a time there lived a woman who was mostly a girl. She never took the same road twice nor did she start from the same point twice. She had no sense of where she wanted to go. All she knew was what she did not want to do.

The woman-girl was tired of this routine. And so she went to Saumya the Healer. Saumya saw what this the woman-girl was doing and shook her head sadly. “How long will you keep running from one road to another? Isn’t it time for you to confront your fears?”

The woman-girl was scared but Saumya looked so confident and calm that she decided to trust her. Saumya then led her down the road. The woman-girl shrieked and screamed and cried and crept. Saumya the Healer smiled and nudged and using her wonderful skills helped her bomb out her fears.

Soon the woman-girl straightened up and began to breathe and walk easily. And very soon she reached the end of the road. She realized all her fears were merely phantoms of the mind that she had allowed space to.

Saumya the Healer smiled. Her work done, she walked away in search of the next lost person.

If you are lost, find Saumya. Soon you will also be on your journey.”

 ~ Bhavana Upadhyaya


She is like a dream catcher, changing nightmares and turning them into dreams… Literally! Grace flows through her as gracefully as she does… I feel so blessed to be able to have processed with a practitioner like her. Thanks so much Saumya!

¬ Haswata Harlalka


Saumya really helped me to devise a well laid specific plan to pursue my goals. Thanks to the intervention I gained clarity on my challenges. I now feel motivated to pursue my goals in a determined manner.

~Suhani Sharma


Thank you so much, Saumya. Thanks to you, I have a permanent smile on my face!

¬Jennifer G.