“This has definitely been the game changer for my life.”

~Monika Rastogi, New Delhi

“The workshop was wonderful. I realised that I was holding on to some patterns since childhood and could release them. I loved to find a way to meet me in the mirror. Saumya is very good and I learned to accept myself and how to let go of my resistance.”

– Mohita Modgill, New Delhi

“It has been such a wonderful change. I feel lightened and more enthusiastic.
I had eczema since past 4 years on one finger. And I took treatment from the best of doctors. And it wasn’t getting fine. And today there is nothing on my finger… it has done wonders for me.
My whole life has changed! Thank you so much!! I am a new me!”

-Srishti Bhagat, New Delhi, India

“My feeling since the workshop.. I am born again… with an innocent mind n clear heart!”

– Amandeep Kaur, Delhi~Suhani Sharma, Jan 2017

“For me Heal Your Life happened when my disconnection with myself and the world around me was at its worst and the darkness that accompanied it was at its thickest. Louise’s healing words came like a new dawn…the dawn that brought a new light of awareness, in which one could easily see the beauty of all that had survived and also the tragedy of the destruction wrought over years of ignorance. While the thought of nurturing the beauty was comforting, the necessity of healing the tragic seemed daunting. But with the guiding words of Louise,” it doesn’t matter from which room you start, you shall end up cleaning the entire house,” came the strength and the encouragement, much needed. With Louise holding my hand, the process of healing began.

But what was to be healed? I realised that in “Heal Your Life” the most critical word was “YOUR”. The healing was not about life in general, but ‘my life’. It was all about putting myself in the centre, both of the perceived order and disorder, to the extent that all that was attributable to the other became peripheral. It was all about ownership of all that has been, all that is and all that shall be. And, in all the three, realize the in disruptible continuance of my very own ‘isness’. The subsequent journey from the solace of “How could anyone ever tell you” to the pensiveness of” How can I ever tell myself”, was about ownership of what happens in my life, that too, what is happening now in this very moment. It was about realising that no one else could breathe in my place, and that there was, and always is a choice, to breath with gratitude and joy, or with unforgiving resentment. The process was all about exercising that choice and realising the beauty of first affirming and then actualising, ‘ I lovingly release the past and rejoice in the present moment’.

The journey with Louise still continues…day by day, moment by moment. Its primarily about being aware of the pain of separation that nursing a grudge causes and the joy of the unity that forgiving brings. And, it all starts from you, the first step that you take towards forgiving yourself, is the beginning…and the also the destination…as you are the journey, you are the world. In the process of bonding yourself through forgiveness, you forgive the world, and you become One. You move from the pain of fragmentation, and moving through the reconciliation brought about by forgiveness, you arrive at the loving state of oneness.

HYL is like coming home. It’s like ultimately finding your own roof, moving into your own shelter, after years of suffering of living in temporary shelters leased by others, and on their terms. Its rejoicing in the assurance and security that ownership brings. It’s like living in your own dream home, living on your own terms, with no fear of eviction. It is about actualising the affirmation, “I am safe”.

HYL is about reclaiming what was always yours…your own very isness, its beauty and its uniqueness. The beauty that is above all compliments …above all denunciations…the beauty that stems from your own recognition of your “ownness”. While doing the course, I suddenly realised the depth of this couplet:

“नाज़ था खुद पर मगर ऐसा न था,
आईने में जबतलक खुद को यूँ देखा न था”

HYL is about discovering your freedom to learn to live with a song in your heart and on your lips. Its like discovering the long forgotten lyrics of the song you always longed to sing…and to be able to enjoy its depth fully…to sing it to your heart…that too..to your self..and the way you like it. It is about moving from the confining sobs of your inner child of the past to creating new enlightening and liberating melodies of NOW.

HYL is about discovering the beauty of your world through the depth of your vision ….and see the reflection of that in the gleaming eyes of your child. To discover the empowerment of ” aham brahmasmi”…I am the creator.

Thank You Louise, Neera and Saumya, for empowering me to be myself, my OWN SELF…and to help me sing my own songs….to help me discover my rhythm and my beats….to make me rejoice in the music…. of MY LIFE.

May every heart discover its own beat, may there be song on every lip. May there be a magic wand in every hand, and magic in every life. Magic that I have witnessed…and the magic that shall never cease…As I am the Magician and the Magic.


Alok Vidyalankar
Corporate Lawyer
New Delhi
Attended the workshop in Feb 2016. Received on 19 May 2017

“It feels like I am in the air most happiest person in this universe and so I am. Love you all.”

-Hema, New Delhi, India

“Your honesty and the intention to make a positive difference in people’s lives, Your knowledge about the subject and the clarity shows the way you take the session and the powerful and loving way in which you handle a person and the situation is very inspiring.

~Nupam, New Delhi

“Saumya has an ingrained talent to take participants through deeply emotional releases. Her honest and heartfelt sharing of personal experiences really helped me to break through my own barriers and reach deep within. Thank You very much, Saumya!”
~ Malcolm Desai, Mumbai, India

“Saumya is a fantastic instructor with knowledge, attitude and a joy to share.”

~Sebnem Ernberg, Gurgaon, India

– Mohita Modgill, New Delhi

“Loved your honest approach to the workshop! Humour was incorporated well. The best realization of the workshop is that “Your first Relationship is with Yourself”. You flowed very well!”

~Kanchan Rajani, Mumbai, India

“Highly articulate and fluent. The sharing of personal experiences was highly motivating and gave me insight about the whole person. Gave me a lot of confidence and reassurance. Brilliant!”

~K. Aravamootham, Management Consultant and Corporate Trainer, Chennai, India

“Saumya conducted the workshop beautifully. She understands this area and is very thorough with her work! She took personal interest in each participant and was very observant. It was a wonderful experience to do this workshop with her. I wish her good luck.”

~A.S., Delhi

The workshop was very refreshing and I feel all new. All my worries seem to have gone away and I feel full of love.


~Geetika Mrig, New Delhi, India

“Saumya is a very clear-headed facilitator. It has been a wonderful experience. God Bless!”

~Vipin Bakshi, New Delhi, India

“Dear Saumya,

By sharing yourself and your own experiences, you made it so easy for us to share ours. You gently and intuitively led us into touching base with our relationship issues and lovingly allowed the solutions to rise up from within us. I did have a major breakthrough on an issue I was long struggling with.
Thanks a ton!!”

~Romita Bajoria, Mumbai, India


“Talking to Saumya was soothing indeed. She has an endearing ability to make people comfortable around her.”

~ G.M, Delhi

“What I liked the best was that you spoke at us, at our level; not from a higher level from us. You put us at ease.”

-Neelam Rishi, Professor, New Delhi, India

“I really admired your way of dealing with members; not forcing anybody to agree or disagree and your soft way to being with us.”


~ Preeti, New Delhi, Delhi