Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.

Everyone has a butterfly in them, the magic of transformation within arms reach. Yet many do not know that, nor realise not even know how to evoke the butterfly within us.

We believe that butterflies are the answer to the world, in every colour, form and size.

And who better to cajole, coax and persuade the caterpillar to transform, than someone who has already gone through the process of transformation.

Saumya is beautifully equipped to help transform people so that they recognise their own “butterfly self”. ¬†She has gone through the process of transformation herself, from working in the cut throat corporate environment to now being a space of healing and transformation. She has taken time and effort in being trained in various modalities. So that, even though the goal is the same, every person and situation is different, and a variety of modalities and formats help.